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FASD & The Criminal Justice System – FASD ID card


Recently, Indiana Alliance on Prenatal Substance Exposure collaborated with Captain Holloman from the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office to present FASD & The Criminal Justice System. Captain Holloman is the father of a son who is on the fetal alcohol spectrum and as a result, he is passionate about the need to educate others about the support necessary for those on the spectrum to have the ability to succeed in life.


Captain Holloman touched on basic considerations for law enforcement practitioners to include such things as interrogative suggestibility, ‘red flags’ that may indicate the person may have a cognitive of neurodevelopmental disability and assessment of whether interrogations should continue. Because of this, an identification information wallet card for individuals with FASD was created.


This card can be printed and cut out, filled out, folded on the line, and laminated to be kept with individuals with FASD at all times. It can be in their pocket, wallet or purse near their ID, so that it can be found by professionals in the case of an accident or medical emergency.


There is a link embedded into the photo below as well, so you can download and save.